Wordpress is the largest content management system (CMS) in the World and the main engine behind at least half of the websites hosted globally. It is a considered an old school CMS based on PHP and Apache, yet it is quite a powerful platform and flexible enough to adopt to the modern CI/CD pipelines. AWS CodeCommit is highly scalable source control service for hosting private git repositories.

In this article we will create Wordpress Integration with AWS CodeCommit to push your code to a private git repository.


1. Create a Repository in Code Commit called “Demo-Website” and Create a Wordpress…

Airbyte is an upcoming Open Source ELT platform. Airbyte supports both realtime and batch based ETL operations from a variety of sources & destinations. It has a very easy to use user interface which makes replication and transformation of data between disparate data sources a breeze.

Airbyte pgsql to mysql

In this article we will deploy Airbyte on a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI) VM. Once the deployment is completed we will create PostgreSQL to MySQL replication using Airbyte on OCI VM. Airbyte deployment guide on OCI is also available here

Create OCI Instance (VM)

Go to OCI Console > Compute > Instances > Create Instance

This is a syndicated post and also appears on the official OCI blog here


Polyglot persistence is a term you might have heard a lot in the recent past when addressing a new cloud computing paradigm. Though it sounds fairly sophisticated, a simple definition of the term in context of computing is “Polyglot persistence is the use of different data stores for storing and processing data for different functionality of an application. For eg: An e-commerce website which sells products online will use a NoSQL Store for storing the session state of the users shopping on the website while…

Oracle recently launched the new ARM based A1 instance on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure(OCI). The new instances are available in all commercial OCI regions.

You can get started here to deploy the new ARM Instance using the Oracle Linux 8 Cloud Developer Image. Once the image is deployed, SSH into the instance and run the below commands to setup a Ngnix reverse proxy/webserver.

To check if the Nginx Webserver is up and running, open http://<publicip-address-of-instance> from a browser. If everything went well then you should be able to see the below page

In this post, we will create a Java package using Eclipse IDE, and create an executable jar file to query your Redshift cluster.

1. Download Eclipse SDK

Eclipse is one of the most popular IDEs for Java programming. You can download it free from here → https://www.eclipse.org/downloads/

2. Download and Install Java SDK 11

Java can be downloaded from Oracle’s website. I prefer to use Oracle java as it is more widely compatible with the ecosystem out there

3. Download Redshift JDBC Driver

Download Redshift JDBC driver from this link: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/redshift/latest/mgmt/configure-jdbc-connection.html

4. Create a Redshift Cluster

Create a demo Redshift cluster and make sure the security group has the IP address or CIDR range of the machine from which you will…

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) has an Internet-scale Object Storage called OCI Object Storage Service. OCI Object storage provides Amazon S3 compatible API’s, using which you can access OCI Object Storage from any Tools or SDK’s which supports Amazon S3.

Amazon’s Python SDK is called BOTO3. Boto3 can be used for multiple AWS Services but in this blog post we will focus on making calls to S3. We will create a Boto3 Python Script to query an OCI bucket and then upload file to the bucket using Amazon’s S3 API’s. …

Migrate an On-Premise Two-node Oracle RAC DB to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure RAC DB using OCI Database Migration Tools Community Image


In a previous post, we demonstrated how you can deploy a ZDM 21c Migration Tooling Instance as a Migration Hub from OCI Community Marketplace. In this blog post we will do an actual migration of a On-Premise RAC Database to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) using the OCI Community Image which has ZDM 21c pre-installed.

ZDM 21c Supports 4 Types of Migration of Oracle Database :

  1. Physical Online using Dataguard

2. Physical Offline using Backup Restore vis Object Storage

3. Logical…

I have been using Amazon Route53 for the last few years as my Primary DNS service to manage my custom domain. I run most of my development instances and API Servers using that custom domain and manage the DNS with Route 53.

Last year I got my OCI Always Free resources and migrated most of my instances and databases to the Always free tier but I continued to use AWS DNS for my domain management. I was not brave enough to touch the DNS part of it and break my apps. While the services I was running were not a…

What is Sentiment Analysis ?

Sentiment analysis (SA) in the context of Data Science is analysis of text to define the customer sentiment on a topic or product. Broadly speaking sentiment analysis extracts information on Polarity (Feels Good/ No Thankyou/ Umm ok!) & Context — Subjectivity (Influenced by a personal opinion/feeling) or Objectivity (without being influenced by a personal opinion/feeling). Definition of ‘Sentiment Analysis’ according to the Data Science website towardsdatascience.com is as below :

“Sentiment analysis is contextual mining of text which identifies and extracts subjective information in source material, and helping a business to understand the social sentiment…

Oracle’s Autonomous Database recently scored highest in all four Use Cases in the 2020 Gartner “Critical Capabilities for Cloud Database Management Systems for Operational Use Cases” report. Oracle’s fully cloud native Autonomous Database comes in three flavours — Autonomous Transaction Processing (ATP), Autonomous Datawarehouse (ADW) & Autonomous JSON Database (AJD). With ATP being the database of choice for transactional OLTP like systems.

In this blog post we will test the Transaction Processing Autonomous instance using a PL/SQL loop of inserting 1 Billion rows by selecting records from ALL_OBJECTS table. Our test will be inserting about half a terabyte of transactional…

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